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Project Group:
Innovating for over 50 years

The core of Project Group was originally formed by two brothers, Guido and Paolo Monti, in 1967. In fifty years of business, Project Group has moved on from being a small electrical installation company in 60th, then to electrical engineering in 80th with AIE Progetti, and nowdays to a full-scale factory management systems provider. Today, Project Group is focused on Industrial System Design, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation Systems. Today, Project Group is focused on Industrial System Design, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation Systems.

The longevity and stability of our senior management team contributes to the quality of our offerings in the technological innovation sectors.

We have always paid the greatest attention to our   customers’ needs through tailor-made, customized projects and solutions.

We strive to continuously improve our organization by constantly investing in R&D, as well as human capital.

Combining experience with young talent is the key to overcoming the new and complex challenges continuously posed by our clients’ demanding projects.

Our strategic partnerships help us to provide an increasingly comprehensive suite of offerings.


Our goal is to become a benchmark of quality for creating smart and sustainable systems designed to improve technology and security in industrial, private, and public sectors.

Our history

Guido Monti decides to start a business as a repair technician for electronic equipment and arcade games.

His brother Paolo joins the business one year later.

The de facto company “Monti Fratelli” is founded, which would then become Project Group.

This new company makes the first industrial electrical systems for Borghi Azio, Smalteria Beggi & Paterlini, and one year later for the new San Polo d’Enza public swimming pool.

The company hires its first employees and makes major new electrical systems for a residential tower block and its infrastructure in Castelnovo ne’ Monti.

F.lli Monti s.n.c. is founded on 28th May as the employee Rosario Flocca joins the company. The 170 m2 new headquarters in San Polo d’Enza is completed. Here is the original Italian entry. 

In agreement with 7 other craftsmen from San Polo d’Enza, they decide to buy land in the new San Polo d’Enza industrial area, dividing it into 300 m2 lots each, so the new 400 m2 company headquarters could then be built there.

Guido Monti gets to know Valdo Cascione, the owner of AIE System in Albinea, a pioneer in electric circuits with PLC. F.lli Monti decides to buy a majority stake in AIE System, changing the company name to AIE Progetti.

While opening up to electric automation, the decision is made to invest in purchasing Siemens brand programmable logic controller systems (PLC).

The first major orders come in from abroad.
Automation systems are made for:
• Fiamm (Russia)
• CCPL (Peru)
• Heineken (Netherlands)
• Socama (Syria)

More connections.
Having worked there as employees for several years, Pierpaolo Curti, Maurizio Cagossi and Roberto Musi become part of the company.

Ferrari F1 gearbox test bench.
Project Group becomes the direct supplier for Gruppo Sportivo Ferrari with a gearbox test bench for Formula 1 cars.

New market.
Under the Feed-in Premium government incentive, the first 4 grid-connected solar panel systems are installed for properties, opening up a new future market.

New technology.
In the early 2000s, the first order is received for automation based on the use of a robot, in this case a 2-axis one.

Project Group in the spotlight.
On 8th August, the two companies AIE Progetti Srl and F.lli Monti Srl merge into a single company. The name is changed to Project Group Srl.

The expansion continues.
With a rise in orders, the number of employees also increases, so the decision is made to move to the new 2,000 m2 headquarters (current headquarters).

F1 clutch & radiator test bench.
Project Group becomes the direct supplier for “Scuderia Toro Rosso” with a Clutch test bench and another one a few years later for radiators for Formula 1 cars.

Generational change.
As part of a natural generational shift, Matteo Monti and Claudio Flocca become full shareholders of Project Group Srl.

Industry 4.0.
Project Group also invests in the Industry 4.0 process by purchasing an automated goods warehouse, improving its stock of materials and freeing up 235 m2 of space. This space will be used for a new Research & Development area.


This is our story, the decisions and people that have helped shape who we are today. It is proof that Project Group has bravely taken on many challenges and overcome them together with our customers. 
We are still looking to the future.

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