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Robotics applied to all sectors

Our Technical Offices develop projects and build automation systems providing solutions for all business needs, consistently using and applying the most advanced technologies.

Our specialists are available for collaborative input and feedback with plant manufacturers to achieve even the most demanding goals, working side by side on particularly challenging projects.

The Italian reputation for excellence in the automation sector is maintained by seeking a continuous evolution towards higher standards. Great care is taken in creating our offerings, with attention to the market and continuous studies on the evolution of electronics adding to our knowledge base.

Project Group never ceases to aim for the highest levels of quality, through constant training of staff and development of ever more detailed methodologies.



  • 24/7 Continuous operation
  • Production cycle is optimized by reducing interruption


  • Increased product quality thanks to the accuracy and repeatability of the operations
  • Reduction of delivery time and increase of production capacity
  • Improvement of corporate image towards customers


  • Reduction of labour costs
  • Reduction of accidents at work
  • Reduction of production waste

What we offer

New turnkey solutions

Our turnkey robotic solutions include upgrades of electrical panels, software, mechanical systems, interfaces with machine tools, and CE certification.

Integration of existing cells

With our deep and wide experience in Automation revamping, we are able to integrate the most commonly used robotic and computer systems. We offer 360º support for  overhaul/ modernization/modification of existing robotic cells.

Mechanical machining/deburring

The use of robotic systems improves the deburring process, resulting in centesimal precision. Automation eliminates non-repeatable imperfections such as burrs due to previous machining.

Bin picking

With the application of innovative vision technologies, Bin picking systems with fast and efficient positioning can be realized. Machine tool feeding times are greatly reduced, saving time and money.

bin picking

Pick & place

The ‘simple’ operation of picking an object from one point and depositing it to another is performed continuously with accuracy and speed. Thanks to an integrated vision system, the robot identifies the object to be taken from the conveyor and places it in another specific point. Excellent performance is guaranteed by robots specialized in repetitive and precision machining.

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