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Ring rolling solutions


Our mission is to exceed expectations


  • Extensive knowledge of the ring rolling process
  • Experience in revamping of ring rolling mills and construction of new systems
  • Expertise and ability in the design and creation of electrical control systems for ring rolling mills


  • The proprietary RollingCAD software package, entirely developed by Project Group, allows for complete management of the ring rolling process and simulation of the cycle.
  • Extensive customisation possibilities for both software and hardware
  • Maximum adaptability to special machines (ability to manage auxiliary axes, including interpolation
    with the rolling axes)
  • Incredible ease of maintenance thanks to use of only standard equipment (SIEMENS)
  • Our solutions can be applied for the production of the entire range of seamless rolled rings of different
    geometries, even profile sections, of any size and weight, in any type of steel, as well as in non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, titanium etc

Our system uses the proprietary RollingCAD software package and is suitable both for new plants and the revamping (partial or total) of existing plants.

Ring rolling brochure

Ring rolling solutions


Solutions for
radial-axial rolling


  • ASSISTED DESIGN of rolling curves
  • REVIEW/MODIFICATION of on- and off-line parameters
  • IMPORT/EXPORT of data from external computer systems
  • FAST DIMENSIONING of the blank


  • Standard architecture based on off-the-shelf components
  • Advanced control of electrical, electro- hydrostatic and hydraulic axes
  • Profinet or Profibus network interface
  • Complete control of the technological functions directly from the console
  • Management of axes position temposonics
  • Analogue or digital off-the-shelf laser management


  • Compact and intuitive control console, equipped with dual-monitor system for control and supervision of the machine and rapid entry of data.
  • Simulation of processes with virtual or physical machine
  • Complete configuration of the process and display of data in real time
  • Advanced diagnostics for facilitated maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Manual/semi-automatic/automatic rolling cycles


For further information and request for a quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

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