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Test benches and

quality control systems


Project Group applies special equipment to standard machines in order to improve production efficiency. Automatic loading, testing and quality control of such machines ensures that finished parts (benches), semi-finished products or assembled components are all up to date, including:

  • Control and inspection of assembly stages
  • Functional tests, measurements of fundamental quantities, data acquisition
  • Data storage on a database, traceability and report generation.

Robotic test benches

with 3D vision system

Test benches allow products and their components to undergo different tests of durability, efficiency, and calibration.

Furthermore, testing processes can be integrated with assembly, marking and measurement systems that allow the creation of test benches and quality control stations with high standards, including:

  • Defect detection, presence/absence of material
  • Laser/micro dot/inkjet/label marking
  • Measurement

Case History

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