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Solutions for Energy efficiency

Basing on the reliable data we can propose and  implement real and tangible solutions that improve energy efficiency; Working in this way, we offer our Customers effective solutions, accompanied by real and affordable return-on-investment plans.

In fact, the use of energy from renewable sources is increasingly a necessity not only in terms of savings, but also as an investment.

Industrial solar power plants

The installation of a solar panels system is a real tool to increase market competitiveness.

The higher the “energy yield”, the greater the economic benefit for the company.

These systems reduce the incidence of costs by increasing the operating margin, increase the value of the building and create a more positive and leaning towards environment corporate image.

We realize both rooftop solar plants and ground-mounted systems, choosing the best solution for fixing and supporting photovoltaic modules.

Industrial electrical plants

Standard, Medium and Low voltage electrical systems for industry, commerce and the civil sector are realized.

Project Group Technical Office is able to coordinate every aspect of the intervention in collaboration with the customer and deals with all that concerns electrical and engineering part of industrial and civil plants

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Industrial solar panel portfolio