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Energy efficiency


The use of energy from renewable sources is increasingly a necessity not only in terms of savings, but also as an investment.

Solar power plants installation

Project Group designs and installs photovoltaic systems with the aim of reducing or even eliminate the energy needs of the property both in the manufacturing, service and private sectors.

We use high quality products available in the world thanks to the experience gained in over ten years on the market.

We realize rooftop solar plants on buildings, canopies and/or parking carport, alongside with ground-mounted systems, choosing the best solution for fixing and support of photovoltaic modules.

We offer photovoltaic modules with the highest efficiency in the world, with guarantees of 25 years combined with the best inverters on the market.

Company Solar Power plants

The installation of an industrial photovoltaic system is a real tool to increase market competitiveness.

The higher the “energy yield”, the greater the economic benefit for the company.

These systems reduce the incidence of costs by increasing the operating margin, increase the value of the building and create a more positive and leaning towards environment corporate image.

Our numbers


installed solar modules


installed kilowatt


tons of CO2 avoided

The steps of a perfect project

The Project Group Technical Team, starting from a careful analysis of consumption, studies the best solution for the customer.


Energy diagnosis

Preventive analysis of energy consumption

Feasibility study

Assessment of the need to install alternative or complementary energy production devices to photovoltaic


Design and development of the customized technical solution according to previous analyses


Creation and analysis of the business plan


Management of mandatory bureaucratic obligations


Assessment of funding and contribution possibilities


Installation, testing and commissioning


After-sales monitoring and service use
Impianti fotovoltaici industriali
Impianto fotovoltaico industriale
Impianto fotovoltaico azienda

High efficiency photovoltaic modules

The main component in a photovoltaic system
is undoubtedly the photovoltaic module.
All the energy produced by a plant is captured by the modules.

For this reason, we have been offering high quality and efficient products for more than 15 years, to produce as much energy as possible in the smallest space.

  • Captured energy
  • Time-produced
  • Energy saving

For this reason, we have been offering high quality and efficient products for more than 15 years, to produce as much energy as possible in the smallest space.

  • 40 years warranty on factory defects
  • 40 years warranty on energy performance over time
  • Replacement, installation and warranty shipping costs included in the warranty
  • Maximum efficiency available in the World (4,5mq occupied per 1kwp)

Intelligent storage systems

The real goal in every photovoltaic system is to “zero consumption“. The best way is to self-consume the maximum energy produced by your plant.

To achieve this goal, we install intelligent energy storage systems combined with photovoltaic systems, which lead to self-consumption up to 70%, choosing products of maximum quality with:

  • 10-year warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Use of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (Safe for internal use)
  • 10,000 Battery charging and discharging cycles
  • Designed for 20 years of useful life

Incentives and facilities

To support the installation of Photovoltaics, there are economic tax benefits that make it even more attractive investment returning in a short time.

  • Dedicated retreat
  • Preferential VAT (reduced to 10%)
  • Tax deductions Irpef (50%)
  • Tax credit at 6%
  • Subsidised depreciation over 12 years
  • Regional and national calls
  • Financing by Unesco
  • On-site exchange

Financing and leasing

Project Group makes available to customers its network of “Financial Partners” to facilitate the investment of the client concerned, both through credit institutions of primary importance for the purchase through “leasing/ installment”in collaboration with ESCO (Energy Service Company).

EsCo can:

  • intervene directly by making the investment and through an operating rental contract, allow the customer not to increase the financial burden and, at the same time, allow you to immediately save on the energy costs of the company that are charged to the income statement
  • certify the savings ensuring the performance of the system

After sales

Project Group offers a COMPLETE after-sales service, based on customer requirements:

  • Periodic cleaning and inspection of modules and inverters
  • Status control of the module support structure
  • Control panels and network interface devices
  • “Alert” service for anomalies or plant shutdown 365gg
  • Daily production monitoring from remote