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Our Technical Offices develop projects and build automation systems providing solutions for all business needs, always using and applying the most advanced technologies.

Our specialists furthermore provide full availability for a total collaboration with plant manufacturers to achieve most-demanding goals, working side by side on particularly challenging projects.

The Italian excellence in the automation sector should be maintained with the continuous evolution towards higher landmarks, with innovation, great care for the products treated, attention to the market and continuous studies on the evolution of electronics.

Project Group never ceases to aim at the highest levels of quality through the constant training of staff and the development of ever more detailed methodologies.

We realize industrial automations, electrical panels and software according to the specific needs of the customer, the specialists of the company take care of every phase, from design to the commissioning.

The company produces automation systems for:

  • Process controls
  • Forging, stamping and rolling
  • Test benches
  • ATEX Panels and installations
  • Industry 4.0 oriented supervision systems

Lamination - RollingCAD

We have developed a system suitable for both new machines and the retrofit (partial or total) of existing machines using our proprietary RollingCAD software.

This system provides a wide possibility of customization of both software and hardware. There is maximum adaptability to special machines (possibility to manage auxiliary axes, also interpolating with the rolling axes).

Extremely easy maintenance thanks to the use of only standard equipment (SIEMENS).

The proprietary software package RollingCAD, entirely developed by Project Group, allows for the complete management of the rolling process and the simulation of the cycle.


The electronic “ageing” of plants is much faster than in the mechanical sector. Soon-to-be obsolete equipment needs to be periodically upgraded. Project Group has specialized in this for years.

With retrofitting, the performance improves, and the cost is less impactful than with a complete replacement, even when it concerns both the electrical sector and the mechanical. Retrofits can be carried out on a single plant or an entire line.

Project Group specialists are able to carry out complete analysis of the plant in its current state to define necessary solutions geared toward bringing the plant to the current state of the art.

With every request for industrial revamping, our technicians design, manufacture and implement innovative solutions while making the necessary changes in compliance with current regulations.

Test benches

Project Group deals with special equipment to be applied to standard machines to improve production time with automatic loading, testing and quality control of machines dedicated to the control of finished parts (benches), semi-finished products or assembled components.

Industry 4.0

  • Networking of machines and systems
  • Gateways designed to interface obsolete machines
  • Software for data acquisition, historization and analysis
  • Interface of machines with company management systems
  • Connection with remote control systems, remote management, remote assistance
  • Installation and customization of specific packages